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Welcome to Craft Music Portland, where you'll find some of the most talented and experienced guitar teachers in the world. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a great musician. That's why we've assembled a team of some of the most experienced and talented guitar teachers in the world.

At Craft Music Portland, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality guitar lessons to students throughout the Portland area and beyond. Our team of top-rated guitar teachers are highly trained and experienced, and they provide comprehensive guitar lessons to students in locations such as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Pasadena.

Our teachers have decades of experience playing and teaching guitar, and they're all approachable, friendly, and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We offer in-home and online private and group guitar lessons, tailored to suit each student's needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn your first chords or an advanced player looking to take your skills to the next level, we're here to help you unlock your inner musician.

Our teachers have been carefully selected for their expertise and ability to connect with students, and they are dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, our teachers will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.

To learn more about our talented team of guitar teachers, we invite you to read through their bios:

Ryan S.

Guitar teacher Ryan S in Portland

Ryan is a highly skilled guitarist and dedicated music teacher. He has a clear and effective approach to teaching guitar, which has helped countless students of all ages improve their skills. Ryan has a Bachelor's degree in Jazz guitar and Audio production from USC. He is not just limited to guitar teaching but also teaches Ukulele, Bass, and Audio production. He is passionate about helping students achieve their full potential and reach their musical goals.

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Guitar teacher Evan in Portland

Evan is a gifted musician and experienced guitar teacher, who excels in both singing and songwriting. He offers guitar, ukulele, and songwriting lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Evan's approach to teaching is to combine the technical aspects of music with the creative and expressive, to help his students not only play guitar but also express themselves through it. He is known for his warm and approachable demeanor, making learning fun and easy. Evan received a full scholarship from the prestigious studio/jazz guitar program at the University of Southern California, where he earned a master's degree.

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Guitar teacher Claire in Portland

Claire is a talented and experienced music teacher with a passion for teaching and sharing her love for music. She was classically trained in piano at the age of 5, and found her love for music through teaching, performance, and composition. Her music career began as a teenager in 2004, performing rock and pop in South East Asia.

As a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Claire has been teaching piano to both children and adults, with a focus on technique, ear training, theory, and repertoire. She is also proficient in teaching guitar and violin, and her goal is to help her students reach their full potential and achieve their musical goals by encouraging them to play the music they like and teaching them improvisation and compositional skills.

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Guitar teacher Ethan in Portland

Ethan is a dedicated and experienced guitar, banjo, and mandolin teacher who has a unique approach to teaching. He combines organized and intuitive approaches to create individualized lesson plans for each of his students based on their unique strengths and interests. He has performed with various noteworthy musicians including Nels Cline, Aoife O'Donovan, Robert Fripp, Adam Levy, Anthony Wilson, Patrick Shiroishi, Jack Kovacs, and Rees Finley.

He holds a degree in Studio Guitar from USC, where he attended on scholarship, and has been mentored by musicians such as Bruce Forman, Bryan Sutton, and Julian Lage. He also records and performs as a bandleader and collaborator, with a particular focus on improvisation, acoustic music, and songs. Ethan's goal is to help his students discover the joy of making music while also building their skills and reaching their full potential.

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Chloe guitar teacher in Portland

Chloe is a highly experienced and dedicated music teacher at Craft Music Portland, with over 10 years of musical experience. She has been teaching songwriting, voice, and guitar for two years, and is known for her enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge. Chloe is a well-rounded teacher with proficient skills in multiple areas, including live performance, collaboration, and production.

She can help you achieve a wide variety of goals, and after attending Berklee College of Music, she began her teaching career and loves working with students on their individual strengths and weaknesses, coaching them through roadblocks and helping with their musical growth. Her passion is to help her students have fun and succeed while they learn. Chloe is a multifaceted songwriter and freelance musician with a wide variety of professional experience.

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Guitar teacher Dylan in Portland

Dylan is a skilled and experienced music teacher at Craft Music Portland. He is a guitarist, bassist, and audio engineer, with a Bachelor’s of Music from Berklee College of Music, specializing in jazz, pop, and music production. His recordings of folk and experimental pop have received positive notice in Pitchfork, Mojo, and Uncut. With 9 years of experience giving private lessons, he has the ability to teach students of all ages and skill levels, including ukulele for students as young as 4. His approach is open and individualized, and he loves helping students explore their particular interests, whether

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Guitar teacher James in Portland

James is a highly skilled classical guitarist and composer based in San Francisco. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the Manhattan School of Music, and was awarded the President’s Award. He performed as a soloist with the Manhattan School of Music Brass and Percussion Orchestra and MSM Symphony Orchestra and earned his master’s degree in classical guitar performance from the Eastman School of Music, where he was awarded a graduate teaching assistantship at the Eastman Computer Music Center.

He also performed in masterclasses with notable musicians such as Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Joaquin Clerch, Oscar Ghigilia, and Pepe Romero. James is passionate about teaching and has experience teaching all ages and styles, his approach is both individualized and comprehensive, including the study of ear training, theory, and composition. His goal is to help his students achieve their personal goals and enjoy their studies.

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James graduated from the Eastman school of music, and specializes in folk music from different cultures, and well as guitar and electronics.


Chloe is an expert songwriter and guitarist with a touring band. She teaches at a college and graduated from Berklee.


Ryan is a touring guitarist who backs up major artists worldwide. He is only available online.


Claire is multi-instrumentalist who is studying for a Masters at Cal Arts. She has decades of experience playing, touring and teaching.


We have expert teachers who teach in all styles of music; experts in Jazz, Classical, Pop, and more.

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