Music Theory

Craft Music is excited to offer a dynamic range of music theory programs, designed to cater to both children and adults. By exploring music theory, our learners engage in creative expression, composition, and a deeper understanding of music's intricate language. Available in various online and in-person formats, these programs are tailored to enrich our community's musical journey.

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Welcome to music theory at Craft Music. Our programs are educational and an exploration into the heart of music. Understanding music theory opens up creativity, aiding in composition, and providing a grasp of the language of music. Whether for a budding musician or an adult enthusiast, our theory teachers, available online and in-person, promise an enlightening experience. Join us as we embark on this musical adventure, designed to inspire, educate, and enhance your musical skills.

One-to-one Tutoring

Dive into the depths of music theory with Craft Music’s versatile tutoring. Tailored for creative outcomes or focused exam preparation like the ABRSM, our one-on-one sessions, available online or in person, cater to every student's unique aspirations.

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At Craft Music, we offer an enriching and versatile journey in music theory education. Our tutors provide bespoke sessions tailored to meet the aspirations of each learner. Whether your ambition lies in unlocking the realms of creative composition and improvisation, or in excelling within the structured world of ABRSM theory examinations, our educators are equipped to guide you through. Available through both digital and in-person channels, these sessions are fine-tuned to work with you or little ones individual learning style.

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Adding Theory to Instrumental Lessons

If you already have an instrumental teacher, you can extend their expertise to include music theory, enriching your playing and compositional skills, and preparing you for standardized exams like ABRSM or Certificate of Merit study.

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At Craft Music, we embrace a holistic approach to musical education. That's why our instrumental teachers incorporate music theory into your lessons. This dual focus enhances both your understanding and execution of music, thereby elevating your overall playing ability. It also prepares you or your child to excel in standardized theory exams, affirming your knowledge of the language of music. Whether you or your child are a beginner or an advanced player, integrating theory into your instrumental lessons offers a deeper insight into the music you play.

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