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My family (adult and children) have been taking lessons from James and Ryan at Craft Music.  Both teachers are engaging, kind and thoughtful. They balance music theory as well as pushing our own creativity in the process.  The company is organized and the lesson planning is really tailored to each of our needs.  I could not recommend more highly.

— Amy Yanow

James Craft is a friendly, patient and excellent piano teacher. He brings out the best in his pupils, and makes them relax and perform their best. I highly recommend Mr. Craft.

— Anita Reinton Utgård

As a violinist myself I highly recommend Craft music. Ana has been my daughter’s teacher since she started and has instilled in her a love for the violin. She makes learning fun and engaging and caters to the students’ individual interests and strengths while ensuring they continue to learn. I highly recommend Craft music to any parent who wants their child to have a great music learning experience.

— Aurisha Smoralski

Both our kids have been with Craft studios for about a year, taking piano with Irene. We feel lucky to have access to such a great teacher and musician. we went through several piano teachers before this and now are here to stay!

— Bill Monro

Anna has been a wonderful violin teacher for our child! She is patient, flexible and motivating. We started lessons with her over Zoom and have transitioned into in-person lessons. Even over Zoom, she was able to reach our 5 y/o how to play. Craft Music hosts lovely, intimate recitals a few times a year. If you're considering starting violin, we highly recommend Anna and Craft Music!

— Bree Tichy

We are so crazy about James, and Craft Music! Both of my sons study with different teachers from this company, piano and guitar, respectively. Not only are they both improving quickly and dramatically, but they actually enjoy their lessons! More than that, it inspires them to play during the week between their lessons! James and Evan have both been coming to our house for a while now, and they are always incredibly accommodating with our busy schedules.

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— Corie Rogers

Craft Music is not your average music lesson experience. Here is why: the teachers are, first and foremost, wonderful humans. Beginning with its founder, James, with whom I myself have studied composition for several years and who now teaches my five-year old piano, the entire operation is special. James is the child of teachers. He is supremely well-educated in the arts and humanities.

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— David Schulner

We love James and the team at Craft music. They provide the perfect balance of learning and meeting the kids where they are and where they want to be- a far cry from old school piano teaching! They kids are always lit up and proud about what they are doing and we love the chance for them to be with real musicians who have real passion for playing AND for teaching.

— Doulaworks

James is a truly remarkable teacher: he sees what's unique about our son and has masterfully nurtured his talent using a creative and intuitive approach. He gives him the tools and the techniques but, instead of rote repetition, encourages improvisation, free expression and the latitude to find his personal connection to the music. Our son looks forward to every lesson and has blossomed under James' instruction.

— Eric Wasserman

Can't say enough about this boutique studio. Craft Music and its teachers have transformed our entire family's appreciation and enjoyment of music.

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— Julie DesJardins

had SUCH a great experience with Craft Music. James connected me with Mindy Chu who met with me weekly to help me prepare to sing at a wedding. She was super flexible with timing, and came right to my house! She was so fun to work with, and my friends told me they saw a noticeable difference in my skills. Highly recommended and THANKS MINDY!!

— Katharina Bockli

It took me a long time to find Craft Music and we went through several other methods and techniques before we had the tremendous good fortune to land here. Both James and Anna are the real deal, trained at amazing Music schools and have a genuine commitment to supporting and bringing out the best in all their students (who we have met and heard"virtually") in the wonderful concerts they put on at the the height of the pandemic.

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— Lucinda Faraldo

It was in 2015 that we met James and there was an instant connection. Our son has blossomed under James caring and loving attention. We are tremendously happy and blessed to have James in our lives. Apart from the fact that he is a stupendous teacher and mentor to our son, he's overall a fantastic and intellectual individual that will add character to your life.

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— Mayur Sanghvi

Wonderful experience with Craft Music, piano teacher Jonah has given a bespoke teaching plan adapted to my interests with a deft hand! Highly recommended.

— Michael C.

I began violin lessons with Anna at Craft Music a few months ago, and my experience has been great. She is very patient and always encouraging. I'd never played an instrument or learned to read music, so there is a lot to digest, but she always finds clever ways of getting me to understand the basics: the proper amount of pressure to apply to the strings, the right posture, or how to get the most out of practice. And when she demonstrates something on her violin, you really feel the beauty of the instrument and realize what a worthwhile decision it was to pick up the violin in the first place.

— Michael Shapiro

James is an awesome teacher! A very thorough and thoughtful instructor, he introduced me to concepts in composition, deepened my understanding of Bach, and helped me smooth out my choppy Chopin.

— Mike Schachter

James is perhaps the best music teacher we've ever had. He is patient, kind, engaged and engaging, and creates lessons that not only play to the students' strengths but also their interests. My son can't wait for his lessons every week, and LOVES the recitals James builds with other students.

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— Rony Rosenbaum

My daughter has been taking piano lessons at Craft Music for just over a year now. It has been such a pleasant experience. James is very patient and makes each lesson lots of fun. My daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and has made so much progress in a short amount of time. She has learned to play piano and has a great appreciation for music all while having a good time. I can not say enough good things about Craft Music.

— Roxanne Trent

Highly recommend Craft Music. My daughter has been taking piano lessons for just over a year and she enjoys every minute of it! James Craft is a patient teacher who makes each lesson fun!

— Ryan Trent

My son and I feel very lucky to have found James! He is incredibly patient cheerful, and encouraging. I feel that my son not only enjoys his lessons but feels James cares about the music he wants to play. He has progressed a lot since he started in the fall. Earlier, he had a teacher who took a more classical approach - which was to give him a dull series of technical drills.

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— S Ting

James is a consummate professional with a passion for both music AND teaching. Our son loves his lessons with James and looks forward to them every week. My wife and I love eavesdropping on the lessons and enjoying the music they make together! I highly recommend Craft Music.

— Scott Andrina

James Craft is an excellent teacher! Patient, engaging, and kind. Our daughter was so lucky to have him as a teacher!

— Susan Wilkens

We love our daughters piano lessons because our daughter loves them. It’s an incredible gift for life. She loves music and learning unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My parents has to force me to practice; our daughter practices on her own varied times during the day: to relieve stress, for pure enjoyment, to study a new song, to write a new song... best pia... no lessons ever!!!

— Wendy Hunter Magdlen

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