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Piano Lessons in Los Angeles

Welcome to Craft Music, a premier music education service situated in Los Angeles, CA. We've evolved into a beloved boutique music school of considerable size, thanks to word-of-mouth referrals. We're recognized by families and adults seeking a learning experience that fuses creativity, technical skills, and a sense of community.

Take from one of our most seasoned teachers, Irene.

Craft Music delivers in-home, in-studio, and online piano lessons via our seasoned music instructors who also work as active, professional musicians.

Whether you're in search of seasoned educators in jazz or classical music or pop-rock singer-songwriters within Los Angeles, Craft Music can provide. Our instructors teach children, young adults, and adults; they have accumulated thousands of hours of teaching experience combined.

Our lessons span across areas from Pasadena to Santa Monica, and from Thousand Oaks to Long Beach. We're proud to present our extensive list of highly qualified and experienced tutors who can instruct on a wide range of instruments for all proficiency levels.

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If you're interested in learning piano or keyboard alongside delving into digital music production, we've got you covered; we have educators who are active music producers.

Our team comprises musicians with a wealth of experience who regularly perform on stage, record albums, support top artists, and lead their own bands. But what matters the most is that our instructors are passionate about teaching - selected based on their experience, abilities, and fervor. For a decade, we've been successfully imparting piano lessons to children and adults alike.

Meet our Teachers

Jonah, one of our experienced, multifaceted, and enthusiastic piano tutors, is a pleasure to work with. He is an individual who truly delights in teaching. With his well-balanced expertise, Jonah can cater to all levels of students - from novices to those who are more advanced. We believe you'll enjoy collaborating with him!

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Irene Kim is a pianist and teacher with a loyal following of students who have been under her tutelage for years. She earned her Doctorate in Musical Arts from the Peabody Conservatory. Irene has graced the stage during the Danny Elfman tour and performs classical music internationally. The Conservatory honored her contributions to music during her study period there with awards such as the Lillian Gutman Memorial Piano Prize, Albert and Rosa Silverman Memorial Scholarship, and Clara Ascherfeld Award.

 Irene Kim Piano teacher in Los Angeles

Her mentors and teachers were Marian Hahn and Boris Slutsky, who are two of the most influential piano teachers in history.

Irene Kim is dedicated to instructing others in piano, helping them to experience the joy that comes from playing a beloved instrument.

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If you're looking for a calm, focused expert jazz piano teacher with tons of experience, look no further. Max is your guy.

Max is a piano teacher Los Angeles

Max Naseck, based in Los Angeles, CA, is a pianist/keyboardist, composer, producer, and music director who has an unceasing passion for music. He has shared the stage with numerous artists such as Raquel Rodriguez, Anna Dellaria, and Mestizo Beat. In addition to that, he plays keyboards for Michael Mancuso's band and has toured with Dick Oatts and Aaron Serfaty. You can learn more about him in Max's Full Bio.

At Craft Music, our piano instructors are equipped to teach students of all ages and proficiency levels—ranging from children as young as 4 years old, adolescents, through to adults of any age. Everyone has the chance to learn piano with us!

We offer private piano lessons in LA, expertly tailored for children between the ages of five and eight. Young students often show rapid progress in their musical skills, making them ideal candidates for our beginners' program. Our instructors are adept at helping students enhance

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We provide private piano lessons for children of all ages. Our piano tutors in Los Angeles, CA offer one-on-one piano lessons; these are given in-home, in-studio, or online. Craft Music’s expert piano educators can teach you anything from classical to pop-rock, to jazz; you can also learn your favorite songs on the piano. Our experienced piano instructors have years of experience teaching students all over Los Angeles.

Why Take Piano Lessons with us?

Our team of piano teachers Los Angeles at Craft Music has been helping students learn how to play the piano for over a decade. Since its founding in 2011, thousands of students have completed their piano lessons with us—and we're proud to say that more than 95% of them were satisfied with their experience. We are dedicated to providing quality private piano lessons for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Craft Music was founded by one of our renowned piano teachers and composers, James Craft, who wanted to share his passion for music and teaching in Los Angeles. You'll find that Craft Music’s founder is committed to providing his students with an environment that allows them to learn at their own pace with experts, to connect with others, and to have fun.

Our founder, James Craft, studied at the University of Notre Dame (B.A.), the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (Masters of Music), and USC (Thornton School of Music). He has been providing quality private piano lessons since 2011, perfecting his own teaching techniques that he uses today both to set standard for Craft Music, and hire like-minded expert teachers. Book a Piano Lessons with James Craft

Our mission is simple. We want every student who comes to Craft Music Los Angeles to leave with both a greater understanding of music and an appreciation for the gift of music. We believe that by teaching young people how to play either the piano or other instruments, we can help them become better musicians, writers, performers, and listeners. We know that, ideally, when you take up your first instrument, it's not just about learning how to play it—it's also about feeling like you belong.

Our music teachers are some of the best in town. They're based in Los Angeles, but they come from all over the world. They love what they do, and they are working in one of the international centers of art. Our teachers have years of experience, and are trained to know works best for each child's personality and learning style.

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Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, Craft Music is here to help you reach your musical potential. Our lessons are offered in-person and online, so you can fit them into your schedule wherever you live. Whether you're looking for classical piano instruction or something more modern, we have a piano teacher who can help you take your playing to the next level.

We are dedicated to helping you find the right teacher and make the most of your time. Our teachers offer one-on-one lessons either in-home or online, and in-studio lessons are available in the Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon area. No matter where you live or what your schedule looks like, you can find a piano teacher who’s the perfect fit for you.

Still not sure which piano teacher will be best for you or your kids? Please contact us, and we’ll find out who’d be the best fit for you!

Online Piano Lessons for Children and Adults.

A good teacher is an excellent listener. That’s because music teachers need to be able to both read and understand what their students are trying to achieve. We know that effective learning occurs when students enjoy themselves, and that’s why we hand-pick experienced, highly qualified teachers. Craft Music offers both online and in-home piano lessons for kids and adults of all ages.

We give in-depth and skill appropriate piano lessons for children and adults. Our online lessons are designed so that you can learn to play at your own pace.

You may have heard that playing piano can help improve your cognitive functions, boost your memory, and enhance your coordination. Well, the newest research tells us again and again that it’s true.

Discover the piano teacher Los Angeles - the right fit for your need. We have both online and in-home options, so you and your child can become proficient in playing the piano while also having fun. Know More and Book piano lessons with Our Piano teachers from here.

Our Piano Lessons for All Levels of Students

We are proud to offer group in-home piano lessons to students of all levels. Whether you've played the piano for years or are just starting out, our teacher will work with you to get the most out of your time at the piano. Our classes are small and intimate, so you can learn from an experienced teacher who is also a friend.

Beginner Piano Lesson Modules:

  • Proper piano posture and finger placement
  • An introduction to music theory
  • Basic notes and rhythm
  • Ear training
  • How to play simple melodies
  • Reading on the staff
  • Audio Production (optional)

Intermediate Piano Lesson Modules:

  • Playing scales and chords
  • Reading chord charts
  • Reading more advanced music on the staff
  • Composition
  • Notation / Writing
  • Combining melodies and chords
  • Ear Training
  • Chord Inversions
  • Audio Production (optional)

Advanced Piano Lesson Modules:

  • The circle of fifths
  • Piano modes
  • How to play with greater speed and accuracy
  • Advanced techniques from different musical genres
  • Performance and audition preps
  • Composition
  • Notation
  • Audio Production (optional)

Why is the Piano the Best First Instrument for Beginners?

If you're not sure which instrument is the best choice for your child, we've got some advice:

The piano is an excellent first instrument for beginners. For one, it gives you a solid foundation in music. You or your child will learn how to read notes and chord patterns; you can see, literally, a top-down view of harmony in music. This will certainly help with both the reading of musical notation and the understanding of music, and how it is made. You’ll also develop coordination and hand control skills - which are essential for any instrument later on. Lastly, the learning curve for drawing well-played, expressive sounds from the piano is not steep. It’s an easy starting point!

You can also gain other benefits such as:

  1. Increased brainpower and Cognitive function
  2. Self-expression and creativity
  3. Learning the importance of teamwork
  4. Patience and discipline through music lessons
  5. Developing coordination and focus through piano lessons
  6. Improving social and communication skills (like being able to play with others)

Let Craft Music piano teachers in Los Angeles help you to reach your musical potential! Visit Our Music teachers Los Angeles page to find your Piano lessons today!

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Craft Music is proud to offer a wide range of musical instrument lessons in various locations, including Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Hollywood, Culver City, Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, and Pasadena. Our talented teachers are ready to help you achieve your musical goals. Find your local piano teacher and book your lessons today!

Max is a stellar Jazz pianist who teaches everything from piano fundamentals to most advanced piano.


Irene is a top-rate pianist and teacher. Read her interview online!


Misha is a USC grad, jazz pianist, songwriter, and fantastic teacher.


Jonah is one over our most seasoned, and versatile piano teachers. You're luck if you get to work with him!


We have expert teachers who teach in all styles of music; experts in Jazz, Classical, Pop, and more.

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