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Ryan Gordon has been playing the piano and organ since he was three years old. His early exposure to music, particularly through mentorship from his cousin, a professional drummer and sound engineer, ignited his passion for songwriting. This passion eventually led him to formal training in various instruments, including the alto saxophone, drum set, piano, electric bass, and upright bass. Throughout high school and beyond, Ryan has delved into music theory, exploring everything from Bach's voice-leading techniques to those of Gil Evans, which have significantly influenced his musical style.

Ryan's piano skills are well-honed, thanks to his studies of The Mark Levine Jazz Piano book, the Oscar Peterson 'Night Train' transcription book, and Debussy's 'Children's Corner' and 'Claire De Lune.' He has received formal instruction from Ray Gallon and Garrett Michelsen, excelling in improvisation, composition, and music theory.

With over 250 gigs to his name, Ryan has established himself as a proficient bassist, having studied with renowned artists like John Patitucci, Sean Smith, and Dartanyan Brown. His expertise spans both electric and upright bass, and he encourages inquiries about acoustic or electric lessons.

In addition to his performance skills, Ryan is a seasoned sound engineer, songwriter, composer, and producer. His work has involved collaborations with five Grammy winners, and he has recently scored a film that achieved notable success on the US iTunes pre-order chart. Ryan is a recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission 23/24 grant, which supports his upcoming project: a double album for a 13-piece big band that he will compose and produce. Furthermore, his production work extends to various artists and organizations, including the San Francisco Bay Area Theater Company.

Ryan's teaching philosophy centers on navigating the vast world of music with his students, helping them explore its depths and discover the joy in the learning process. He graduated from The City College of New York with a BFA in jazz performance, further cementing his expertise and passion for music education.

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