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About Paul

Paul Kellogg is a pianist who recently graduated from California Lutheran University.

Paul is a lover of all styles of music, and he is also a singer and multi-instrumentalist, with experience playing piano, organ, guitar, bass guitar, drumset, and percussion.

Paul Kellogg has been teaching piano, organ, guitar, bass, vocal, and drum students for five years. His teaching style is unique in that he focuses on building a strong understanding of music in general and not just knowledge of one particular instrument, and loves using Faber, Thompson, and Bastien piano method books, and he loves watching his students grow as musicians. Paul is experienced teaching all ages, skill levels, and styles.

He currently serves as Music Minister at St. Francis of Assisi and organist at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Camarillo.

Q&A with Paul

Which musician would you like to play with?

Bill Bruford

Which musician has influenced you the most?

My biggest influences musically have been progressive rock groups, mainly Yes, King Crimson, and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

What can you teach me better on your instrument than any other teacher?

I can teach you how to improvise freely and with expression using practical music theory and ear training.

How did you learn to play your instrument?

I started out playing drums as a kid and soon began piano lessons. Over the years I picked up other instruments along the way, including guitar, bass, voice, and organ.

What equipment do you play on today?

I use a Yamaha Motif ES8 keyboard, Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitar, Conn Organ.

Which personal trait helped you the most while practicing?

Always being a perfectionist about my playing; it helped me learn things more thoroughly than I might have otherwise.

What does your instrument have that others don't?

My instrument has the ability to play melody, chords, and rhythms all at once. Very few other instruments are as capable solo as the piano.

How do you handle children?

I focus on allowing the children to enjoy music first and foremost, because I believe that my biggest responsibility n helping students become great musicians lies in my ability to motivate them to practice, and I believe a student who enjoys music is far more likely to want to practice than a student who doesn't enjoy it.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

I composed a piece for my university's choral ensemble and we performed it for our homecoming concert during my senior year.

What was the biggest stage you played on?

LA Memorial Colosseum, performing the National Anthem for an NFL game.

Which record would you take with you to the desert island?

Yes - Fragile

Besides music, what else is important in your life?

I care very deeply about the people who are closest to me and I love spending my free time with them. I also am a big car guy so I spend a lot of time around cars, whether I'm driving, working on them, or just talking about them with others.

Music style(s)


Level(s) Comfortable Teaching

Beginner to Advanced

What languages can you teach in?



Bands, Projects, Notable Performances, Collaborations

2018 - Rams vs. Chiefs, National Anthem as part of an octet\ 2019 - Josh Groban at the Santa Barbara Bowl, choir\ 2019 - Premiere of original work "Psalm 104" with Cal Lutheran Choir

Other Music-related work / goals

I want to record and release my own full length album.


2019 Regional Competition for Young Organist West Regional finalist

Personal Interests

Cars, mountain biking, hiking, reading

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