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Myles is a highly passionate teacher with a deep knowledge of the history of music; his goals for teaching are to discover what the student wants to get out of their musical journey and find creative solutions to help them grow as a musician and human.

At first, he had slightly unorthodox training, which gives him empathy for students struggling to stay motivated on formal paths in music. He is flexible enough to go from teaching formal classical piano foundations to less formal Jazz and all contemporary styles. He understands that everyone learns differently in is patient enough to find the best teaching methods for each individual

Myles has been playing music since he was 11 years old; it all began with messing around with his older brother's keyboard and guitar. He immediately played back melodies he had heard on the radio without formal music training. He began lessons soon after with a student from Berklee who taught him the classical piano foundations and pop songs he was interested in playing from artists like The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Ben Folds.

In high school, he fell in love with the music of Miles Davis and Bill Evans and began studying Jazz piano at the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, MA. Concurrently, his passion for composition and film scoring began flourishing with the help of his mentor/high school band teacher, Paul Ketchen. He began dissecting the scores of Beethoven's Symphonies and the film scores of John Williams (Star Wars, E.T. and Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings.) He would start to record orchestral music in Logic Pro around this time

In 2012 he was in the Massachusetts All-state Choir, and the following year he was in the All-State Jazz Band. He performed that summer at the Newport Jazz Festival. That same year he won a Composition award from the All-State Music program of Massachusetts. He started school at Berklee College of Music that fall.

Myles has been an extremely busy keyboardist, performer, and studio musician since finishing school in 2017, playing 5-6 nights a week between Gospel Church services, Weddings, Jazz Clubs, Rock Bands, casual restaurant gigs, as well as tours with local New England artists such as The Elevators, Will Evans, The Interlopers, Addy Baddy, Joe Samba, and many others. Myles Relocated to Los Angeles in 2021 and stays busy between performing, composing studio sessions, and teaching.

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