About Luca

Luca is a professional guitarist, producer, songwriter and session musician and teaches both Guitar and Music Production. He believes that everyone is born with a unique musical voice and his teaching aims to explore and guide each student in finding their unique playing style.

Luca has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Doug Boehm, and Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley. He produces and writes for Sleepy House, Matthew Grant, and Tarhea Ray, and has done session and live guitar work in Los Angeles, The Bay Area, and Nashville.

Luca has a B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley, where he studied Classical Theory as well as Jazz Theory & Improvisation. He teaches all age groups and levels in styles ranging from Rock, Funk, Country, to Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B.

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Beginner to Advanced

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