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About Julian

Julian Carpenter is a drummer and bandleader who is passionate about the transformative impact that music can have on an individual's confidence, work ethic, and mental health. While studying at Berklee College of Music, Julian had a diverse career that reflected his passions and solidified his values.

His most influential mentors, Jackie Santos (Tavares) and Dave Discenco (Hiromi, John Petrucci), taught him valuable techniques and practices for improvement, that allowed him to love his instrument just as much as the first time he played it!

As a Musical Director for over 4 years, Julian has helped to shape and improve countless musicians through his leadership and their talent. Moreover, he has worked as the bandleader, musical director, and drummer at Lollapalooza 2022, and 2023, Big Night Live, and Boston’s 50th anniversary of Hip Hop Festival.

In his years at Berklee and working in Boston he has developed a strong ability to perform many different styles and is able to teach his students how to develop the ability to play whichever music they desire!

Julian works hard to create a personal approach for each student and finds joy in helping them achieve their musical passions while improving their technique, reading, ear training, and musicality through exploring the music that they love.

Q&A with Julian

Which musician would you like to play with?

A Classic band I would love to perform with would be Toto or Earth Wind and Fire. I would also love to play for anyone from Dua Lipa, to Lil Nas X or Paramore.

Which musician has influenced you the most?

Michael League and Larnell Lewis of Snarky Puppy.

What can you teach me better on your instrument than any other teacher?

As someone who is not only a drummer but a musical director and keyboardist, I can best teach my students how to listen actively and collaborate with other musicians.

How did you learn to play your instrument?

I started on piano at age 5 then switched to drum lessons when I was about 8 years old. I fell in love with music through my middle schools jazz program which launched me into my dreams to become a professional. I have now studied with over 10 mentors/teachers who have each taught me unique and valuable practices that I bring to my students. It was not only my teachers but my peers and friends who I jam/perform with who have taught me so much!

What equipment do you play on today?

I play a Yamaha Oak Custom and I prefer Menial Cymbals!

Which personal trait helped you the most while practicing?

My imagination is my strongest trait. As a student I originally struggled to focus in my academics until I realized the reason I was strong as a musician was because I was constantly dreaming of how fun it was to play. I believe confidence can be created through creative visualization.

What does your instrument have that others don't?

The Drums are the most natural and human instrument other than the voice. I always help my students stay true to the joy and healing that drums can provide in the heart. Drumming is all about joy, confidence and freedom. For my students learning drums can actually unlock new levels of confidence in their life that they previously did not have.

How do you handle children?

I am very easy to communicate with for children and am compassionate and patient with my students. Also since drums can be quite loud I am always sure to encourage the students or parents to use/have ear protection for their children.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

Playing as a drummer in the Berklee South Asian Ensemble was by one of my most life changing experiences. The professors both had a such deep passion for the music and culture that they were sharing with us and they built a community that was compassionate and supportive for both south asian students and non-south asian students like me and others. In the class I was pushed to learn new approaches to music that I had never imagined and this strengthened my overall musicality and creativity.

What was the biggest stage you played on?

I have performed as a Drummer and MD at Lollapalooza twice now with two different artists I met at Berklee. Playing for so many people at a venue like that can be such a joyful moment, but to think back to years of hitting the drums in my parents living room the joy was always there!

Which record would you take with you to the desert island?

Quest for Fire by Skrillex

Besides music, what else is important in your life?

Health and Family is my most important part of life. I enjoy working out and eating well and like to spend a lot of time on the phone with my sister. I look forward to holidays when I get to hang out with my little cousins.

Music style(s)

PopRnbFunkSoulJazzJazz-FusionRockLatin /Caribbean music and other world music.

Level(s) Comfortable Teaching

All levels

What languages can you teach in?


Bands, Projects, Notable Performances, Collaborations

Billy Dean Thomas, Snøw, Tyler Christian, Aiida, Rafael Trujillo.

Other Music-related work / goals

Musical Director, Programmer, producer and Composer.


ACADEMIC Accolades\ Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Writing and Production\ - GPA: 3.958 with Anticipated Graduation Fall 2023 (Walked in spring)\ - Performed in Commencement concert as a Drummer, Arranger and track producer\ - Rose Family Scholarship Award from work in the Singer Showcase: Carol King Tribute\ - Contemporary Writing and Production Achievement Award\ - Most Active Drummer Award from the Percussion Department\ - Has studied in the following prestigious ensembles/shows :\ - South Asian Ensemble directed by Harshitha Krishna and Yoel Genin\ - The Paramore Ensemble with David Marvuglio\ - The Esperanza Spaulding Ensemble directed by Tia Fuller (Beyonce, Esperanza spaulding)\ - The Taylor Swift Great American songbook/Singer showcase\ - The instrumental Neo Soul Ensemble with Jaquez Shwartz-Bart (Roy Hargrove, D’angelo)\ - Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble led by Christian Karem

Personal Interests

Going to the gym, cooking, building legos, playing cards/board games, Coffee, and drawing.

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