About Joe

Joseph Klause received his Bachelor’s Degree in Trumpet Performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston after having graduated from the Pre-College Program at the Juilliard School in New York. At the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, he continued his studies receiving a Master’s Degree in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and an Artist Diploma in Chamber Music. After his time at music school, Joseph put his skills to good use and built an ice cream sandwich business, Peace Pie, which now has six stores in three states up and down the East Coast. Feeling satisfied that he scooped enough ice cream for this lifetime, Joseph moved to Oregon to follow his passion for music.

Joseph is faculty of trumpet at Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, and Clackamas Community College. He is a member of the Rose City Brass Quintet and Rose City Brass Trio, and regularly performs with the Oregon Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Eugene Symphony, Tacoma Symphony, Orchestra Next, Orpheus PDX, Portland Chamber Orchestra, and Portland Columbia Symphony as well as many other local orchestras, musicals, wind ensembles and festivals in and around the PNW. When not playing the trumpet, Joseph enjoys being outdoors, playing with his cats, and working as a software engineer.

Q&A with Joe

Which musician would you like to play with?

New York Philharmonic, American Brass Quintet, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Which musician has influenced you the most?

Probably Beethoven? But certainly all of my teachers.

What can you teach me better on your instrument than any other teacher?

Body awareness

How did you learn to play your instrument?

Answer 1) I started on violin at the age of 4. At 7 I wanted to play french horn, but was given a trumpet. I haven't looked back. Answer 2) Hours and hours and hours of practice.

What equipment do you play on today?

Mostly Yamaha Trumpets

Which personal trait helped you the most while practicing?

Perseverance and dedication

What does your instrument have that others don't?

Star-radiant power

How do you handle children?

Joyfully, seriously, jokingly.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

Playing John Williams music with John Williams conducting

What was the biggest stage you played on?

Carnegie Hall

Which record would you take with you to the desert island?

Quatre Grand Concerti pour le Trompette by Eric Aubier

Besides music, what else is important in your life?

My cats, my health, my family, my friends.

Music style(s)

Classicalcontemporarychamber musicearly jazzbig band

Level(s) Comfortable Teaching

Beginner to Advanced

What languages can you teach in?



Bands, Projects, Notable Performances, Collaborations

Rose City Brass Quintet, Rose City Brass Trio, Oregon Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet

Other Music-related work / goals

Actively building a software application for beginner trumpet


I am a sixth-generation student of Beethoven!

Personal Interests

Hiking, yoga, meditation, swimming, my cats.

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