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About Andy

A Los Angeles native, Andrew Hill began performing professionally at age 15. His musical interests initially formed through the immersion of his parents vast and varied record collection, including everything from jazz, RnB, showtunes, classic rock, and even his mother’s prized disco collection. In his teens, Andrew began his assimilation into the Los Angeles music scene: in recording sessions, music clubs, and churches. He began working both as a sideman, and a bandleader performing his own compositions. This love of music propelled him to obtain both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Southern California. Andrew Hill has performed across the country and the world, spanning an artist and genre lineup as diverse as his parent’s music collection. As an educator, Andrew can work with each student as an individual on an array of instruments, carefully in tune with his or her specific goals as a musician, to develop a path that will offer the most success, gratification, and fun.

Q&A with Andy

Which musician would you like to play with?

John Mayer

Which musician has influenced you the most?

Victor Wooten

What can you teach me better on your instrument than any other teacher?

The role of bass in an ensemble, how to support and uplift

How did you learn to play your instrument?

Private lessons, music school

What equipment do you play on today?

Taylor acoustic guitars, Fender electric guitars and basses, an old German upright bass

Which personal trait helped you the most while practicing?

Acceptance that Rome was not built in a day

What does your instrument have that others don't?

The ability to make another musician sound much better

How do you handle children?

With tolerance, understanding, and patience.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

Living in the woods with Victor Wooten for 3 weeks when I was 16. Changed my life

What was the biggest stage you played on?

Multiple festival stages, several thousand people, all across the country.

Which record would you take with you to the desert island?

Oscar Peterson - Night Train

Besides music, what else is important in your life?

My family, fishing, fitness, and the role we each play as members of a greater whole.,

Music style(s)


Level(s) Comfortable Teaching

Beginner to Advanced

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