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About Alex

Alex Darouie is a freelance trumpet player, music educator, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. While earning his the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Alex studied with some of the most acclaimed trumpet players in the world including Jens Lindemann, Jennifer Marotta, and Tom Hooten. As a student, Alex played in all of the music school’s performance ensembles like the UCLA Wind Ensemble, Philharmonia, Symphony Orchestra, and Brass Ensemble. Alex has also performed with several groups including the Burbank Chamber Orchestra and with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in their performance of Berstein’s Mass for the composer’s centennial.

After graduating from UCLA Alex began building his private teaching studio where he taught piano, trumpet, trombone, french horn, and baritone lessons to students from ages 4-75! He is known by his students as a fun and outgoing teacher who is committed to providing a positive learning experience through engaging music lessons. Throughout his career Alex has taught well over a thousand students and has worked as a camp director, marching band instructor, drum corps instructor, private music teacher, and elementary and high school band director. When he’s not teaching Alex is producing music and performing as a trumpet and piano player for artists such as Atom Bomb.

Q&A with Alex

Which musician would you like to play with?

I'd like to play trumpet for a lot of pop artists like The Weeknd or Justin Bieber.

Which musician has influenced you the most?

Wynton Marsalis has been my biggest influence.

What can you teach me better on your instrument than any other teacher?

I can teach you how to make your instrument an extension of yourself.

How did you learn to play your instrument?

I learned how to play piano watching videos online and I learned how to play the trumpet through music lessons.

What equipment do you play on today?

I play a Bach Stradivarious Bb-flat trumpet, a Yamaha Xeno C trumpet, and a Yamaha Keyboard.

Which personal trait helped you the most while practicing?

Honesty and curiosity

What does your instrument have that others don't?

The trumpet is extremely versatile. It can take on many different styles and characters from sweet and delicate to frightening and suspenseful.

How do you handle children?

I work well with children of all ages.

What has been your greatest experience as a musician so far?

My greatest experience as a musician has been performing alongside the LA Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

What was the biggest stage you played on?

I've played at Copley Hall, Spreckel's Organ Pavilion, and Walt Disney Concert Hall. I've also performed for 25,000 people at the Drum Corps International world championship finals.

Which record would you take with you to the desert island?

Journey's Greatest Hits

Besides music, what else is important in your life?

I love stand-up comedy and telling jokes.

Music style(s)

Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock

Level(s) Comfortable Teaching

Piano: Beginner, intermediate Trumpet: All Levels

What languages can you teach in?


What's your age?


Bands, Projects, Notable Performances, Collaborations

I produced a rap album with Atom Bomb and played on several tracks.

Other Music-related work / goals

A goal of mine is to collaborate more with other musicians. I'd like to record trumpet and vocals with various pop artists.

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